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GK-IT Environmental Services was established in February 2003 when current management realized that South African industry were in need of an alternative to the traditional “dig and dump” approach to accidental petroleum spillages.

GK-IT is based on a novel approach to the bioremediation of petroleum based contaminants, developed by Chris Cooper, who is currently part of the organizations management structure. Product development and testing in the field was logically followed by the establishment of a South African based production plant which began operation in March 2004.

GK-IT Environmental Services holds a number of patents and manufactures a large range environmental protection and rehabilitation products. The current product range includes a variety of locally developed and manufactured hydrocarbon and chemical absorbents, bioremediation products, environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals, pollution control equipment such as spill kits, used oil recovery stations and oily water separators.

As an added value service to their customers and distributors, GK-IT offers a range of service provisions to match their product offering including the management of large and small scale bioremediation projects as well as a specialized industrial cleaning service catering to the needs of South Africa’s mining and large industrial sectors.

GK-IT Environmental Services is recognized, by both direct customers and distributors, as a leader in the field of remediation management and environmental product development.

GK-IT’s core business remains, to this day, the bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils. This is not surprising as the bioremediation products are capable of achieving impressive results. Gasoline and diesel range organic compounds can be degraded to levels below 100 parts per billion while volatile, semi-volatile and poly-aromatic hydrocarbons are degraded to below 50 parts per billion. The organization has successfully treated hydrocarbon spillage sites ranging in size from 10 cubic meters to an unbelievable 100 000 cubic meters.

GK-IT attribute their success not only to their unique technology, that utilizes the capabilities of a wide range of micro-organisms including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, fungi, yeasts and moulds but also to the value system of the organization.

GK-IT are committed to reducing their clients total cost of ownership of their hazardous waste streams in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner which ultimately assists their clients in the management of their own cradle to grave liability.

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